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Saturday, 9 February 2013


After login you will have a  page with the four Most important point. 

(i)You will be eligible (subject to further scrutiny) for further selection processes under this project subject to vacancies identified. Candidature may be cancelled at any stage of the process due to non-production of relevant documents in support of identity/ eligibility.
(ii)Please refer to the Notification on IBPS website/ Employment News regarding vacancies in Participating Organisations and process for registering preference for Participating Organisations.
(iii)If a candidate who is successful in interview does not (i) exercise the option of indicating preferences through the prescribed process and/ or (ii) avail the offer of appointment from the Participating organisation he/she will forfeit his/her candidature/ chance for the process.
(iv)The minimum qualifying marks in interview is 40% for General (35% for SC/ST/OBC/PWD categories)

After declaration of the result many of candidate finding it difficult to calculate Total Marks of COMMON INTERVIEW. Common inteview is divided in two weightage 80% of TWS and 20% of Common Interiview.  Following are the steps for the calculation of Total common interview Marks

Step 1) Divide your TWS(168) with 250 and multiply with 0.8 or 80 percent i.e suppose you got 168 tws

           (168/250) = 0.672  then multiply with 0.8 or 80 percent means you would have
           (0 .672 * 0.8) = .5376 means 53.76% (A)

Step 2) Common Interview marks Suppose 70 then (70 * 20%) or 0.2  = 14% (B)
                 (Total Interiview marks is 100)

           Total Common Interview Marks = (A +  B)  means 53.76 +14 = 67.76 

You can check your Marks by your Total common interview marks just putting in the following sequence

         Interview marks =  (Total Common Interview  score – (written/250)*80)*5