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Sunday, 28 April 2013


One of the largest bank SBI has taken written examination on 28th April 2013 for its 1500 vacancy. Discuss your score and attempt here, the general awarness question and descriptive paper question are as follow.

  1. Full form of CTS - cheque truncation system
  2. Best actress Oscars 2013 - Jennifer Lawrence
  3. Pandit Ravi Shankar received which award after his death - Grammy
  4. What are memory of computer –RAM & ROM
  5. What do u mean by close a call
  6. In march review RBI changed which rate - Repo
  7. EVM means - euro pay visa master card
  8. What is the feature which often promt in ms office to offer help - Microsoft help
  9. Who is Primer of China - Li xi nping
  10. Managing director of IMF – Christene Lagarde
  11. Who is Y.V Reddy - 14 finance commission
  12. Runner up team in Women’s world cup tournament - West Indies
  13. Which lifetime achievement did Ravi Shankar got posthumously - Grammy
  14. What is AA in GAAR -  Anti Avoidance
  15. Amount govt allocated for women’s bank - 1000 CR
  16. What is reverse repo rate?
  17. What is cross selling?
  18. What is lead in marketing?
  19. What is a file?
  20. What is computer memory?
  21. Target customer for savings bank account?
  22. Market Penetration
  23. Air Asia’s joint venture with the Tata
  24. 12 year plan – 2012-17
  25. Question related to speaker out put
  26. Biggest computer – Mainframe
  27. Home loan for individual
  28. Verghese Kurien – White Revolution
  29. Question related to MNREGA Purpose


Q.1 Write a latter ( 10M)

(i) For his sibling for starting his competitive exam.

(ii) For acceptance of job on which applied for assistant manager.

(iii) On behalf of department for Woking in late hours and not appreciated by management members.

Q.2 Write a paragraph for following topic ( 8M)

(i) The importance of investment

(2) The importance of saving energy

(3) The role of small scale industries in economy

Q.3 A brief on electronic payment system (10M)

Q.4 Comprehension on inflation and based on this total 5 question contain 2 marks each (10m)

Q.5 Essay was on following topic (12M)

(1) Women empowerment in India

(2) Role of Investment
(3) Global warming and change in environment